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Tuesday, November 22, 2005 

Technical Glitch?

The buzz is that it was a technical glitch that placed an x over the Vice President during his speech. Is it a technical glitch or was it a biased action by an anti Bush administration employee of CNN?
Despite all the techies coming out and saying "oh yeah it ws a glitch , sure this can happen and does all the time" One has to be pretty niave to believe this. First the letter x has to be generated on the key board. Then switching it over to a graphic generatore it then is placed over the out going feed. Now this is where the glitch (mistake was made) Some one went ahead and fed the doctored picture to the live feed letting the viewing audiance see the letter x. Sure lots of pranks and strange things go in in the ops room with the board. But the majority of it does not get fed to the outgoing signal. Some one has to hit the switcher and let the doctored feed out.
Was it deliberate? Was it done by mistake? Well we will never know the truth as it happened on CNN. This cable network never admites to its mistakes, miscues, and bias. So one only has to conclude with the retoric being broadcast from CNN that it was deliberate.
There was no glitch, there was no mistake other then letting the doctored overlay out on air.

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