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Wednesday, November 23, 2005 

CNN Cover up

Well CNN has done its investigation and much like the Democrates in Washington, it fails and diverts the truth as to what happened in order to protect someone who didn't do thier job proffessionaly. With the claim that "the switcher is a machine and not a human" and "we will reboot' all is well in spin land according to the CNN investigators.

Much like the "Tookie Williams " supporters who want an aquital of four murders because Tookie is a nice guy now, CNN will not divolge the truth of their bias.Fact is what CNN said was partially true. The switcher is a machine. After that statement the spin is in effect. What was neglected to be said was that no matter how they spin it a PERSON has to activate the switcher no matter what for it to work. The switcher does not and will not operate on its own.

The suggestion that the switcher automatically knows where and when to switch cameras and tapes at what time and place is a little beyond what it is capable of doing. A TECHNICAL DIRECTOR has to physically do it or verbally give the command to a board operator to switch feeds.

Is it possible that it was switched by mistake? Sure if it happened once but since the X appeared several times it was not a mistake or accident.

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