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Thursday, December 08, 2005 

Howard Stern

Well Howard Stern and his toilet humor launch on satellite today. What a wonderful concept .... TAKING HIM OFF OF THE PUBLIC AIRWAVES. If you enjoy sophmoric and gutter humor. If smut is your thing then hey. For 13 bucks a month you can get all you want on satelite. If it is not your thing then you should be happy to know he is off public airwaves.

I personally can not stand his show. From time to time I like gutter trash humor, however I found Stern's to be not funny and depraved. this blog is not to belittle or congratulate Howard Stern, however more power to him if he can make more money.

What this is , is a significant turn in the way radio will beforever seen now. With the pitch of "commercial free" (hmm, haven't we heard that before?) programming, a much larger and specific choice in listening pleasures. The thought of satelite radio sopunds good. Then I weighed the cost. Oh it is only 13 dollars a month, but wait I have to purchase a reciever for the car, for the house. Hmm how much will this cost.

After finding out about the new digital radio and the 1000.00 dollar expense of just getting a reciever for the car I have second thoughts on signing up for it.
Then it hits me that didn't cable promise commercial free television? But what we have now is infomercial outlets and plenty of advertiseing on the cable. Sure there are some channels that do not play any commercials during the show but inbetween there are advertisements, oh and do not forget the extra fee to have these PREMIUM channels.

Bottom line .... Howard Sternm is going to make some big money, he is no longer peddeling his smut on free public airwaves. If you want to hear him you have the right to purchase satelite radio. Capitalism works.

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