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Saturday, December 10, 2005 

Moral Outrage, where?

With all the calls for morals and values , along with forgiveness. Where in the world is the moral outrage over the the crime. If you can't follow along then leave this blog. What I am talking about is this crying over a murderer. Tookie Williams.

Tookie wILLIAMS WILL HOPEFULLY GET HIS JUST DESSERTS THIS TURSDAY THE 13TH. Unless Govenor Swartzinegger caves to the loud mornic activists calling for clemancy.
Where is the moral outrage against these loud mouth idiots who not only want Tookie not put down ..(YES PUT DOWN LIKE A MAD DOG THAT HE IS). Why is there not more people out there screaming for Tookies head. Afterall he, in cold blood murdered 4 people. Was a founding member of the violant gang the Crips, and who knows what else he was involved in before and since his conviction.

The lame argument of he has changed just does not hold water. Anyone including myself can be nominated for a Nobel prize, and hell there are lots of childrens books oout there. Most of which are not fit to be read.

Now the local authority is calling for peace and calmness untill and after the govenor makes his decision on clemancy. Where is the outcry of don't you idiots riot. Seems like a L.A. riot wil be looming ever closer now. With another excuse for civil discoarse and plane idiocy I think that the police should get the tear gas out and the gov better activate the national guard.

Tookie being a founding member of the crips will almost certainly have gang (punk) activity should he not be freed. I expect a rise inb drive by shootings and pure simple violance.

The real moral outcry should not be in clemancy for a cold blooded murderer, but against these loonies who want Tookies life saved. His taking of four innocents far out wieghs his soi called book writing and life behind bars.

The most rediculas argument of he hasn't done anything since his conviction is so stuuuupid! Well duh he has been locked up and not provided a chance to commite another crime.


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