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Friday, December 16, 2005 

Wh0's hands are tied?

With the left putting out a new book "State of War" by noted New york Times writer James Risen. The big story on the MSM is how the government is spying on its own populace. The truth be told it is not spying on the average populace but on those of suspiciouse activity. Could it possibly be the New York Times is trying yo create a sensation to help sell the left leaning book? More then likely. With a credited anti Bush administration lean on the writings of james Risen the question which is being reasonably asked by theblogspere is why are the Plame Blamers not wanting an investigation into who leaked the spy information.

If Valerie Plame, an employee not covert agent of the CIA, work status is a national secrete then is not covert prison camps and covert intell operations a part of national security? Is not the leaking , even if it is a said year later after the fact still leaking classified material?

With the usual leftist big mouths screaming for congressional hearings into the administrations role in allowing these intell operations (ABOUT TIME WE DID THESE OPS AND GOT DOWN TO BUISNESS OF PROTECTING AND ELIMINATEING THE ENEMY). Their focus once again is all wrong. Instead of looking out for America First they are looking out for alledged civil rights of non citizens and foreign entities and governments over America. The secrete observation of entities who may pose a threat with harm to America and her citizens is what the federal government should be doing and part of their job.

The claim of the government is slowly erroding civil rights is totally false under this accusation. If an argument is to be made look at the staes Of Maryland, Vermont, Virginia and thier removal and relocation of children who have a parent who smokes. The intrusion into ones home and personal life in this manner is an erosion of personal freedoms and civil rights. The spying on foriegn nationals who do not have American safety and liberties at heart is not the erosion of rights but protection from Enemies both Foriegn and Domestic.

I call upon the blogsphere to put as much pressure on the New York Times , the MSM, and congress to focuss the investigation where it rightfully belongs. On those who are leaking the information about how we are trying to protect this country.

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