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Wednesday, December 14, 2005 

Middle Eastern Lies

Is there a connection between the Ku Klux Klan and Islamofacists? Most definately with the current rambelings of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. His complete denial and lies of a false Holocuast shows the same misguided belief and hatred of the Jewish people.

Ahmadinejad accused the Israeli government and its allies of hypocrisy and repeated remarks that Israel should be moved from "dear Palestine" to Europe, America or Canada.

They have fabricated a legend under the name 'Massacre of the Jews', and they hold it higher than God himself, religion itself and the prophets themselves," he told a crowd in the southeastern city of Zahedan.

Does this load of B.S. sound familiar? It should. After David Dukes recent trip to Syria you could inter change the speeches. The unbridal hatred of the Jewish state and its people is unequaled, except for the truth of the Holocaust.

For all those doubters who say we have no buisness in Iraq or the middle east, a look at current and recent events needs to be done. Weapons of mass destruction produced by radicals under Saddam Hussien, then hidden in the bakal valley in Syria. Iran calling for the destruction of Isreal from the world. Along with the productionof middle eastern maps not includeing Isreal on them. Now a push to become a member of the Nuclear powers. Suppling of terrorism to Iraq and disruption of democratic elections. The middle east is getting close to flareing up into a nightmare of war.

With the exception of Isreal , who no arab will believe. No one in the middle east is denying Irans load of lies being preached. Sure the United nations now speaks out with condemnation of such speach but only after the United States through the powerful voice of John Bolton at the U.N. decryed this venomouose rehtoric.

Islam , not radical Islam, is promoting and pushing a war adgenda. The fact that Islam is a bastard child religion steming from the Jewish faith. A much older religion by centuries. Islam claims certain beliefs that dispite all the spin is nothing but racism and hatred. A dominance over any and all who do not hold to their excentric views.

It does not take a scholar to discover these facts. All it takes is someone with an open mind willing to spend a little time reading. As well as paying attention to what current events are taking place.

It is not Isreal, nor America that continues to break all cease fire and truces. It is Muslims who in the guise of moderates , communists, and socalled patriots that continue to create problemsm in the middle east.

In my view unless we hold steady and get a democratric government in Iraq, support the democratic government of Tuyrkey and support the free nation of Isreal, WW III will happen because some islamofacist in the middle east drops a nuke on someone.

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