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Wednesday, January 11, 2006 

Told you!/ Not immigration but Invasion

Off and on for months now I have mentioned and warned about a group of subversives who come from south of the boarder. This group of PUNKS/THIEVES,RAPISTS,THUGS DEGENERARTES AND SOCIAL DEVIANTS ...AKA MS-13. Now it has come to pass that these people, if you can call them that ..as they are not American friendly, nor civilized socially. Are looking to MURDER, EXECUTE AND ASSASINATE American Boarder patrol agents.

Are they doing this out of hate, possibly but rather for an old motivation .... money. They seem to do anything if the price is right. So human smugglers and drug trafficers are looking to pay these punks in order to allow their own illegal activites to flurish.

Mexican alien smugglers plan to pay violent gang members and smuggle them into the United States to murder Border Patrol agents, according to a confidential Department of Homeland Security memo. ( Mentioned this yesterday)

MS-13, which has a strong base in El Salvador, is considered by the FBI to be one of the most dangerous gangs in the United States, with more than 20,000 members.

Gang members have been found in 33 states and connected to murder, racketeering, assault, rapes and extortion. Last January, Immigration and Customs Enforcement raided six cities and made more than 100 arrests of MS-13 gang members. (NOT NEARLY ENOUGH ARRESTS AND DEPORTATIONS)

Intelligence officials last year reported that MS-13 gang members had been linked to terrorists seeking entry into the country. (SURE WHY NOT TERRORISTS MONEY IS JUST AS GREEN AS THAT THEY STEAL HERE IN AMERICA)

Lets recap this and try to put it into a nutshell that even a moonbat should (but won't / no pictures here) understand.

An ARMY of over 20,000 members, illegally in this country, with ties to terrorists, drug lords and human trafficers is now accepting monies as a bounty on the heads of AMERICAN OFFICIALS (yes Mary boarder patrol officers are officials).

Foriegners killing Americans? Yep thats war and yes it IS AN INVASION!!!!!!!


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