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Thursday, January 05, 2006 

Letterman and Politics

What a buzz on the talk show radio network. All About David Letterman and his complete bias towards Bill O'Rielly. Does this surprise anyone that Letterman would try to ambush O'Rielly? It shouldn't after all look at who Letterman invites back time and again then treats as if they are really special guests ..... Al Gore, Al Franklin, just to name a few leftists.

What was really appalling about the show was the fact Bill O'Rielly stoop to even being on air with Letterman. This only gave Letterman credance in his leftist stance and followers. For Bill to sit there and expound upon facts, not myth and emotions. The only way Leftists can argue, and hit Letterman with concise and poinant questions. Only to have them evaded and diverted to the appeling aspect of a misinformed and nonrational studio audiance. Is it really any wonder about what was said ... " I think 60 % of what you say is crap" Letterman to Bill.

To anyone with access to the internet or a public library could research and confirm the stories that Letterman believed were made up. Actually all one has to do is open up any liberal rag , commonly known as newspapers and see that Bill was not making up any of these stories.

The point being I guess is this. Letterman showed just exactly what kind of a buffoon he is. The fact he has no clue as to what is going on around his small insignificant life. His ignorance top world affairs, and a lack of interview skills.

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