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Saturday, September 30, 2006 

True Colors

Thetrue colors of those who are true haters comes out in fine faddle. Over on Michelle Malkins website the drama revels itself. Ms. Malkin wrote an oped piece about a entertainer that went from whole hearted goodie to trashy slutvamp.

Then all of a sudden on the left blogsphere a photo appears of Ms. Malkin in a bikini. Not bad looking at all, but obviously not her. A photoswap of Michelles haed onto another body. The investigation revels underhanded hacking into someone elses picture share file and plays games.

Of coarse outrage from Michelles camp and the right. Yet the left play the school yard game of nanny naany boo boo. and say she deserves it for being a ^&(*^$%#%#. Now anyone who has half a brain and common sense realizes when reading Michelles Columns that she is an opinionated lady. Right more often in her thinking then the leftist prefere but still opinionated.

The saddest part of this story is that a law proffesor from U.N.C. was in on the photoswap and defimation of Michelles character. Those on the left now think it is a game and are doing thier best to have fun with libel and blackhearted meaness. To them the smearing of someone is okay if the said person expresses an opinion not of their liking.

These leftist punks have already posted personal information relating to Michelles family and home address. Several months ago calling on degenerats to go and visit her at home. Fortunately noone took up the rude invite.

What is being demonstrated is the "world revoles around me and I am not responsible for my actions" attitude. A very lieral way of thinking. That they can do what ever they want and never suffer from thier behavior.

In am atmoshpere that puts litigation above all retribution. These punks feel they are safe. As they hide behind their ACLU cronies and call it all now a parady of Michelle. Making the grey line a little more disengenuous.

When these punks are exposed for their inacuracies and falsehoods, along with their history of law breaking, or malice. They scream and cry foul. When the truth is exposed upon them it is a right wing conspirocy. They scream and hollar as loud as they can. "Doth protest to much". Yet they continue upon their childish games of smearing a fine upstanding citizen, one who reports the news she finds, and then expresses a well thought out and coherant opinion upon the facts she has presented.

Some times you have to rise with the tide and roll with the flow, unfortunately that tide hits the breakers once in a while. This time the breakers are the truth and the shoreline is Michelle Malkin.

For the full story go to Michelles web and check out the links she has provided. As in the Fox News saying she "Reports, you decide". I've already decided.

If there is any possibility of winning sue the pants off these punks as hurting their pocket book seems to be all they understand. A long trip to the wood shed would be lost upon them. Might make you feel better, but these creitens seem like the type that would enjoy an old fashioned butt whooping.

here is the addy and title:


The Gawker smear machine
By Michelle Malkin ยท September 29, 2006 06:00 PM

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