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Saturday, October 07, 2006 

What the future Holds

With the month of OCtober here. Scary things are to be on the mind of all. Ghosts, witches, goblins, spooks, and DEMOCRATES. Yes those extremists who have taken over the democraic party should scare the hell out of you.

The cut and run, raise taxes, sell out to the world extremists. These people are so wanting power that once they get it, that they are willing to sell out this countrty at any cost to keep it. We know we have a lame government in the republicans right now, but look at what the dems are planning. Already they are linning up commisions to investigate (politically correct term for witch hunts)the conservative movement. Notice I did not say republicans, but conservatives.

The so called fairness in broadcasting act that they are secretly wording and pushing foward. An act that goes against the free market. Claims of suppresion on liberal views runs this idiotic plan. The fact that there are some popular liberal shows does not matter, what matters is shutting the conservative voice off. Air America is the wick to this powder keg. All because they cannot put out a viabl;e product that people want. If the fairness act passes the tax payer will not only be forced to pay for a bad product but forced to listen to the mind numbing drivel.

Nacy Pelosi is drooling at the anticipation of becoming the first woman speaker of the house. She is already planning the redecoration of her new office. All the while organiseing the adgenda of stiffeling the Americn economy and forceing higher txes upon the struggeling middle class. A redistribution of wealth is her answer to the economy.

With bckers like Ted Kennedy and Howard Dean who historically do not like for America to lead the world adgenda. These extreme left baffoons are placeing in line judges who will legislate from the bench instead of rule. A move that is so morally wrong and anti democratic in thought is unconsievable but is going to happen.

You think your rights are being compromised now. All because the government wants to investigate those who are breaking the law, think again. Look at where these extremists stand on personal rights. Truth be told you will see freedom of speech dissapear. As it stands now so called hate speech is limited to only conservative thinkers. They are not allowed to talk at all with our being labeled homophobic, racist, or extremists. When the truth is said the smear machine comes forth from the keft side not from the consevatives.

Revisionist history will replace fact and truth. A feel good , America bad history will take place. People like Ward Churchill will become common place, not that they are not becomming common place now. Those who are unqualified and lack any intelligence will be further entrenched into the educational system. This system will go from being educational to indoctrinal. Most public schools already have gone indoctrinal. The tax payer is paying for indoctrinal charter schools perverting history now in Los Angelas. All in the name of chicano culturl studies. Mostly falsehoods being taught by frindge elements.

The leftists, still embarrished by Bill CLinton, and Jimmy Carters failed legacies and leadership skills they are planning on revenge against the truth. Congressional red harring committies are already set to make speaches of lies on all who know the truth about these two. So beware general public. You think congress is in a quagmiere now just watch as nothing gets done under the left.

A cry of support for the world court comes from the left. What will this mean to Americans. It means the United Nations and countries like Hogo Chavez's Venzuala will be able to grab and bring to trail on made up charges of crimes against the world and humanity any American Citizen they choose. In other words CEO's and Military Generals, Politicians, Conservative Proffesors, News Commontators, anyone who has ever exposed the truth are at risk of being convicted for it.

The outlandish economic plans from the left not only include new taxes and higher rates on ALL. It also includes sending the economy into a tail spin of despair. The raise in minum wages will be only the start. A plan of redistribution of wealth is under way as well. Punish the doers and reward the nondoers is the goal. Punish those who have earned and reward those who do not want to better themselves through hard work.

The thought of the extreme left aking control of Congress and possibly the Senate as well should scare you.


Something good from Bush


AM Corona

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