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Wednesday, February 07, 2007 

Articulate? an insult/stereotype?

Sticks and stones you morons. For crying out loud, enough already. Since when is the word articulate an insult or in any way a stereotyping of a person? Articulte describes ones ability of a venacular edicate. It is the ability to use a diverse and intellectual knowledge of a language.

For these so called racial experts to come on television and say that calling an african American articulate is insulting and degradeing is plain assine. It is a complement on a personal level to the one being spoken to or about. It is to the credit of a person and thier education when having someone call them articulate. It is a sign that the person is not of the street (meaning lazy in the useage of thier vocabulary).

To all those who claim it is not right to say this or that person is articulate I say GET A LIFE. Quit your bitching.

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