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Sunday, September 28, 2008 

Comments on Civics or lack of Civics

As we get closer to the election, it is so obvious to see that this country is severely lacking in common sense and that the masses are brainwashed into drinking koolaid from the left and those who do not hold the best intentions for this country at heart. As groups like ACORN commit massive voter fraud. Local country clerks are abetting them by only looking at those signed up as Republicans. From Florida to Ohio. From Colorado to New York and back to Arizona, leftist groups are lining up the lawyers to challenge anyone who is republican.

I myself have been warned that my voter status is in question. Voting in every election since Ronald Reagan's first sweep to office., I have not missed a vote or to make sure I have been registered. Now all of a sudden out of the blue I receive notice that I am not registered and need to mail in my information and receive a mail in ballot.

A mail in ballot? What the hell for? I refuse to have my vote set aside and counted at some later time if at all. Be you republican or democrat, it is not only your right to vote but it is your RESPONSIBILITY to see to it that you vote and it is counted. This self indulgent crap of not having any civic durty is a perpetrated lie by those who want to suppress your opinion.

To question those at the voting both is not fascism but a duty to make sure that those who are LEGAL vote on issues and representative members of our government. This is how the system works. As a REPUBLIC not a democracy. Our say is transferred over to elected Representative who then make policy and law. The judicial branch then is supposed to judge not LEGISLATE the Constitutionality of proposed bills. If we do not put forth our say at the election ballot we allow corrupt and misleading people to abuse their elected positions and either legislate from the bench (a violation of trust and Constitutional authority) or seize power in our name then twist it to oppress us all (members of Congress in the House and Senate).

Personal responsibility in this country has fallen and is on the verge of not existing. In this years election when so much is at stake. Mort then ever before as we have a new President that can either screw us by appointing more activists to SCOTUS, and sell out our sovernty to the United Nations in appeasement to foreign interests. Or we can knuckle under, open our eyes and see the leftist liberal lies that OUR TRULY OPPRESSING individual rights and vote sensibly.

The American people are in a tough situation right now as they are not sure as to where to turn and get the truth. The MSM is slanting and lying at every opportunity to further a socialist agenda. That they lack any creditability at all. The blogasphere is corrupted by clicks not just from the left on KOS or the Huffington Post, but from the right as well with groups like TownHall.com. Where if you are not in with these crowds you are either an extremist or a nut job.

The individual freedom of expression is being denied and suppressed by those who would rather you stand in line with your thumb up your back side and drink their KOOLAID rather then think and form any opinion of your own and say so.

As the myths of this country being run by Christian radicals in the Republican party (note I do not say conservative). The left would have you believe that being Republican means you stand for fascism and oppression. Yet it is those on the left who sit and legislate how we should live. In the standard old mantra of if it only benefits one person it is good. The term majority is supplanted by the individual and not the welfare of the masses.

For a society to be healthy and coherent it must look out for the masses over the individual. Yes the individual needs to be protected but at what costs. The costs of freedom for the masses? No the cost of civil liberties for the whole must never be denied for the one.

Life is not fair and no you do not have absolute individual freedom in a Republic. What you do have is what is no longer being taught. Individual RESPONSIBILITY. This my friends on the left means that sure say what you want, but you will be held accountable for it. Not just a one way street either. Those on the right get the same treatment and in the middle too.

Our founding fathers saw that the failure of the Greeks to implement a true Democracy is not possible. They were close but no cigar. As many in Greece were denied a voice.

History is doomed to repeat itself if we do not learn from our mistakes. Another Mussolini is only a non vote away from taking control of the White House with the backing of subversives in Congress.

It may be a feel good thing to vote with your heart and say it is fair to elect this man or this woman over the others. Base the conclusion on false guilt wrapped in racism. But when voting one has to think before acting.

To keep a society well lubricated and working some may not get favor in certain ideas. Others may be favored to a point. To sacrifice the masses in order to obtain one individual right above others in society is wrong and totally unfounded and unfair. Yet this is the path we seem to be walking today, or told we have to walk.

I honestly do not see conservative lining up to emanate domain your property, or remove your firearms. I do not see conservatives removing freedom or religion by saying your beliefs may be offensive to others. What I do see is leftists playing and tugging on heart strings with out any intelligent arguments on how we are to live. Bad SUV's, global warming myths, racism if you do not support our ideas. Playing all the low cards in an attempt dictate mannerisms and thought.

Juan cannot afford a house therefore it is your responsibility to buy him one. How dare you make more money then someone else. It is the village who has to pay for little johnny who broke his arm because his mother is a crackhead and was not watching him play in the street.

Is it societies responsibility to see to it that my family has food and a roof over their heads. Or is it my responsibility to see to this. Should society buy my new luxury car and set a limit on what I can achieve by limiting my income potential to what they deem is fair with others.

In today's electronic world of the Internet and immediate communications. It is far to easy to find out what is happening and going on. To be able to access upcoming legislature and proposals from certain individuals an their followers. To fact check for oneself and compare answers to see who is lying and who is just stretching the truth a little.

There is no reason to stand on the street corner and be spoon fed the lies of one side or the other as so many are apt to do today.

This election boils down to a simple fact. Will informed voters think before the cast a ballot or will uninformed voters vote from the heart without researching what is happening and will happen.

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