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Sunday, November 08, 2009 

A sad day for America

In an extraordinary vote that went 220 to 215, legislation that will put an end to individual health care and produce the largest government invasion into the personnel lives of the American citizenry has made a step closer to becoming real.

The 1,990 page of socialist aggression to wards capitalism and individual choice was passed after hours of argument. While conservatives in both the democratic and republican parties pointed out how this bill will force Americans out of private health care decisions and into a government run system of bureaucracy.

Who are the real winners and who are the losers with this legislation? It is the socialist who want to dictate how we live our lives who have won. As this bill punishes the American family who already is struggling to pay bills under a left leaning agenda that hinders personnel responsibility and replaces it with mandates of higher taxes and fewer freedoms.

The losers are those who struggle to be responsible and do the right thing. As government run by the left and for the left. Treat the citizenry as children. Letting us know that we are unable to make the correct decisions for our selves and families.

The ramifications of this passage opens the door all the way for nanny ism of our lives. Next up is what we can eat, say and what we do. The attack on free speech is being covert as the FCC Czar is backs dooring policies, the unfair fairness in broadcasting act.

As the left celebrates their next step on the road of dismantling and voiding the Constitution. The American people move another step down the road to a debt that can not ever be paid off.

As we have seen and it has been proven. The government has not the ability to run anything. Social Security and Medicare are on the verge of being forever bankrupted. Why, because they are not overseen properly, filled with fraud, and run by the government.

With a mandate to the people to buy, a clear overstepping of authority granted by the Constitution. The American people are being forced into servitude with higher taxes. That is what this is. Make no illusion about this. The "fees" are a tax on the people. There is no fee for our benefit. It forces the American people, small businesses and corporations to put an end to a segment of our economy and force monies into mismanaged coffers of the government.

Remember that our elected officials do not have to participate in this health plan. That they get to keep their Cadillac policies that will not be available anymore to the average Joe.
A violation in itself of the Constitution which says that Congress will not have or be entitled to anything that the public cannot have.

America is dying and we have elected our executioners. The left is entrenched into office and doing all they can to destroy a once great nation. As our schools dumb down education in favor of social agenda policies. New taxation's and social policies. Our Founding Fathers our spinning in their graves. It truly is a sad day for America and for Freedom.

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