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Thursday, October 29, 2009 

City of Denver says " Plow your own streets"

For those who have lived in the Mile High City for more then Twenty years may recall the Mayor McNicholas snow mess in the early 198o's. It was not do to a lack of effort to plow the streets but a lack of personnel and equipment. An inability of not being able to keep up with the snow.

The residence of Denver and the surrounding metro area got mad and McNicholas was gone. Now we fast forward to a few years ago and the putz known as Trickenlooper. A mayor who thought it was to dangerous to plow the streets and sent the snow plow drivers home. Thus creating a real mess that took all winter to recover from on not only the major snow plow routes but all of the side streets and neighborhoods. With areas having over 6 inches of snow pack and ice on the streets.

Now the first major storm of the year has come to town and the city of Denver says hey do not worry the temperatures will be in the fifties next week so we will not plow side streets, or so says Ann Williams, director of communication for Denver Public Works.

Well that is a great attitude coming from a public servant. No big deal if you have to get out to work or to the grocery store. Spring will come eventually and the snow will go away by the summer.

Just what in the hell do we have these civil servants for then. Is it not their job to get out there and plow, take care of the streets with maintenance, that includes plowing? Trickenlooper bought off the numbskull's with hot cocoa and a day of sledding in the parks. What will they do this time. This is not just a lets save money and not do our jobs. this is a lack of doing their jobs!

With policies that do not put plows on the pavement, the city and metro area of Denver is looking for problems. Ask any one who has ever plowed snow what happens with three inches of snow on the ground, let alone a foot. It is called accumulation and creates huge piles of snow that needs to be hauled away then. Three inches is alot of snow when you start adding it together.

This is totally unacceptable. We pay taxes to the city and the state. part of these taxes are to be used for such things as , oh say snow removal. Its great that Ann Williams can forecast the weather for next week but that does nothing to what is happening today.

This is just another example of the arrogance of city civil servants and the elected bureaucrats who do not take their jobs seriously. It is well past time that the voters and citizens send a clear message. Remove these lazy individuals from office and positions of service. Replace them with those who understand what a work ethic and responsibilities are.

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