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Tuesday, November 03, 2009 

Virginia Election Nov 3RD, 2009

Today's election results in the State of Virginia are not a route, they are a spanking in favor of Republicans. The Democratic candidates are sent home with their tales between their legs wondering what the license plate number of the Mac truck that hit them was.

However is this a as many pundits are claiming, a referendum on President Obama? In my opinion, unfortunately it is not. I wish it were true as I agree 1000% with Rush Limbaugh's analysis of the man. An arrogant, narcissistic man child. One with a 5 minute political career.

What this election does show is that the electorate is waking up and reality is setting in on the policies that the Democratic party or the leftists are trying to ram down our throats. It is the people coming forth and saying we do not support socialism.

As the pundits fall all over themselves on the stats of what ethnic group and political affiliations voted which way. Or as to who did or did not vote. The bottom line of this is that people voted for a return to common sense and values that this country was founded upon.

Fundamentals that say an honest days pay for an honest days work. No taxation with out representation. Sure many voted for "hope and change", yet not this type of change where they hope taxes leave them some of their change after they get their paychecks.

People are not supporting policies that overall around this nation are failing policies. People want to run their own lives and not the lives that leftists think that they should live.

That's my opinion anyways.

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