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Tuesday, December 11, 2012 

Hey Hey, Ho Ho, It is Unions that got to go!!!

This is the ralling cry that needs to be shouted loud and proud. When our wanna be dictator Obama comes to your town, true Americans  need to let him know that we are not beholding to special interest groups and elite socialists.

Let us look at the truth of the matter. Unions in states like Michagan have had a strangle hold on the worker even if they are not part or wiling to support a union. A simple question. Why should a person work hard for their money yet have to pay a special interest group a percentage of their earned money? This is the cry that the unions do not want the average worker to know or understand. What the unions want is simple. They want your money for nothing on their part. Simplified. You work, pay the unions money even if you are not part of the union. In turn they will dictate to you when , where, how, and what you will do for a living.

Is this the America our fore fathers faught and died for. Is the American dream we all have? An America that takes and takes from those who earn and gives to those who do nothing but sit on their fat asses and dictate to others? It seems so. As after the November election we have reinstalled a government of beuarocrats that were not elected democraticlly or wanted. Yet our telling us that achievment and bettering oneself is a violation of human rights. That the phrase brothers keeper is the mandate. Instead of teaching him to fish we must go fish for him while he sits on his duff and plays x-box.

Unions are exactly this. If those in Unions would monly open their eyes and see how they are being lead by the nose like cattle. Then they would understand that inflation, an expensive economy, and lack of jobs staying in America is related to Union theft of money from the people they claim to support.

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