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Friday, August 31, 2012 

Eastwood Brillant, Dems jealous, Rupugs stupid.

 The man Clint Eastwood was brillant in his speech last night at the 2012 RNC convention. Although his performance may have been a little shaky it was the message that was BRILLANT. For the artsy fartsy crowd , who are clearly unhappy and jelouse. Mr. Eastwoods performance would have been exclaimed as one of the greatest ever at a political convention if only it was in favor of President Obama and the progressive movement. For the Republicans , well those who are poo pooing it they clearly are too STUPID to understand.

Let us look at the premise first.  Talking / interviewing an EMPTY chair. What has the President done lately? He has dodged and ducked any interviews from any real interviewers in favor of pomp and poof reporting. Interviews to organizations that cover the checkout line at all supermarkets. Any one who thinks TMZ goes in depth must also believe that it was the National Inquirer that broke Watergate.

So an empty chair to represent a missing Obama. The symbolisim , awsome. The President once again missing in action.

Now what did Mr. Eastwood say? Same thing I have been saying as well as many who understand how our government works. That elected officials are OUR EMPLOYEES. If they do not do the job  ... FIRE THEM.  We are a Country of the People, By the People and for the PEOPLE. Not one that lives to support the government.

Clint Eastwood is an actor, a very very good actor. He is not a public speaker. Therefore for him to get up and in front of 20,000 people and millions watching on television and ad lib a 12 minute speech was excellent. I would like to see you do that.

The left poo poo's this as rambeling and incoherant. Wrong, a little nerves and age were the factors. The left says it was not a good speech/performance. Wrong. It was on message and the truth. A little humor and a direct look at not only the President but politicians as well. Remember they are our employees. Right out of the TEA PARTY handbook in its mesage. Over 23 million people out of work. Clint is right a sham, a disgrace, a black mar on this country and its government.

Mr. Eastwood not only delivered a powerful message, but a warning to us as to where we are heading and that it is TIME FOR A CHANGE.

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