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Sunday, January 20, 2013 

B.F.R.O./ Animal Planet joke of a show

I have had to take time off from politics because it is so damn depressing to think about who is in charge of our government right now and the tradgic things he and his cohorts are doing. SO turning the boob tube on I have had a laugh or three thousand at the Animal Planet show "Finding Bigfoot". The show if you are not familiar with is about the B.F.R.O., or the bigfoot research organization.

The four people that are featured in this are hilarious. First of all I am not commenting on whether there is or is not any creature like Bigfoot. What I am commenting on here is the fact that these so called four experts could not find their backside with a lit match while flagellating from a good bowl of baked beans.

The first problem with this show and characters is that the give what they believe to be facts based on absolutely no evidence at all. They speak of habits, patterns and behaviors that are not documented or have ever been concluded. It is all conjecture and abstract reasoning.

Secondly the way they conduct any sort of investigation is amateurish and filled with never going to find anything possibilities. In other words there are four people on television that are making money being absurd. Yet this is not a reality show based in New Jersey.

If you watch television and like the SyFy channel they show several that are at least professional in the way they try to convince people in their beliefs. I am referring to Destination Truth and ghost Hunters. In these shows at least they approach an investigation or search with some sort of plan, equipment, research and professionalism.

On a channel like animal planet I am sure that there is money available to at least get these weekend adventurers one or two trap cameras (under 70.00 at wal mart), several FLIR cameras on loan. Then at least on script writer that has a clue as to how to write this fiction they propagate.

I have always heard stories of an animal that could be a possible Bigfoot here in Colorado but I am one who seeing is believing. Near Ward Colorado reports near tahosa Lake are reports of what was referred to as the swamp monster. In the trading post at the scout camp is even a picture of the "swamp monster. Near Bailey Colorado reports have come in of sightings of a hairy creature. Many places in the State of Colorado have had stories of such creatures being seen and frightening people. however I would not trust Animal Planets crew of the B.F.R.O. to look into it. I do not think that they could find their head from a hole in the ground.

I fully agree, the most annoying thing about this show personally is how they make there (Sasquatch) "squatch calls" and every night ready camera is never steady or shown for very long. They say to each other "that sounded great, very squatchy" and say they can hear something like a Bigfoot and can see something moving but the viewer can't hear or see anything to back it up. I believe I only watched it as long as I did because of the idiocracy of the show and to truly see for myself that there was never any footage or sounds confirmed throughout the show aside from the amateur footage other people had made in the past.

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