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Wednesday, January 02, 2013 

Leadership; from afar.

While president Obama the dictator in chief spins his ability to be an actual leader. His methods are very questionable. He is effective as the repugnants in office seem to cave into every whim he has. From higher taxes to falling off the fiscal cliff while covered in a blanket in hopes no one will notice. President Obama demands that Congress pay for the bills it has racked up. So who will pay for his bills he racks up?

The element that remains consistent is running the country from afar. Once again President Obama dictates from Hawaii. On yet another multimillion dollar expense to the American taxpayer. Over a billion dollars spent on the Obama family and its world jet setting tastes. This time a cost of 7 million dollars for a Christmas trip and prep rally.

Is this leadership? Demanding Congress to pay up while jet setting and racking up bills himself? How about thinking of those he is supposed to represent. Stay in Washington and celebrate the Holidays. Wouldn't it be cheaper? Probably so, but then it wouldn't fit into his better then thou life style.

Obama preaches one thing and does the opposite. If he were an officer in the military leading a patrol I honestly think he would be left alone blazing a trail while the rest of the patrol went another way.

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