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Thursday, September 29, 2005 

Americans Concearned?

A little over a week ago my vehicale was broken into. This happened in a full parking lot at a gym. A 24 hour fitness to be exact. It happened sometime between 0630 a.m. and 0800 a.m. At a time when the morning crowd that works out is coming and going from the front doors to their cars and vis versa. Now my question is how in the hell can no one have seen anything. My vehicale wasn't jimmied but the window on the passenger door smashed. A smashing window makes noise and should have gotten someones attention. Now i know there are those out there who are smiling and saying good. He got robbed. Fine thats your opinion and cold careless hearts speaking in your selfish ways. What will you do if this happens to you. When you come out to your car and find the window smashed and items stolen.

Sure the items can all be replaced, but the aggrevation of having to get new day planners and regroup phoine numbers. Personal letters with friends. The notification of certain people that their unlisted phone numbers are now in the hands of some punk. The sentimental value that can not be replaced on items stolen. My briefcase was a gift from my parents. I LOVED THAT THING. Then all you anti gun nuts should be aware that a pistol was stolren. Before i thought that taking it into the gym was not a good thing as locker rooms are notoriouse for theft. So placeing it under the seat out of sight seemed ok. Nope!!!! Now with a lock box inplace I will not leave it in the vehicale. I am trained and licensed in the carring and use of a handgun the person who stole it more then likely is not. (personally I hope this person shoots themself with it)

Back to my main point. If I were in the parking lot and I hear a window breaking I look around and would investigate. Its called being a good citizen. I just can't comprehend how no one saw or heard anythig at all. Amazing isn't it.

I actually know it goes to the fact people do not want to get involved so they turn away. Oh it is someone elses problem , and better them then me. This attitude is what is killing this country. On topics like illegal immigration ( they arn't taking my job ...yet), the war on terrorism, the misguided abuse of so called hate crime legislation (sticks and stones you morons), to high school football.(if one child hurts themself , a knee or collerbone injury) we have to ban this.

I think people need to become more proactive, take a look around at their nieghbor hood. Be involved. If you see something wrong report it. If your neighbor needs help cleaning the gutters or taking the trash out HELP THEM. Someone on the side of the road not on a cell phone, car trouble. Stop and see if they need a lift or if they need to call for help. Maybe their tire iron is not working. Help them change the flat. The lady at the grocerie store with three kids trying to control her cart, help her out. you don't have to be a boy scout to lend an arm to an elderly person trying to cross the street.

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