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Friday, September 23, 2005 

Enviormental Hogwash

Hmmm, without being too sarcastic letsa take a look at all the extremist enviormental views that are floating out about the hurricanes striking the gulf coast. For intellectual enlightened thinkers claiming to be scientific researchers is astonishingly absurd. Green house gases created by man and fueled by the non signature on the Kyoto accord is all President Bushes fault. Yeah right, my pimply hairy white butt!

This is the most absurd , ludicris statements made todate. They seem to ignore the fact that only 12,000 to 15,000 years ago we were in an ice age. This means that giant glaciers were all the way from Canada to the upper midwestern/central states. Before this geological evidance shows that Colorado was a tropical zone.

Colorado a tropical zone, what did the Dinasours get a little radical with Fred Flintstone on their fuels usage to create a carbon effect that increased the Earths temperatures? How can this be if man was not around to abuse the earth with his usage of fossil fuels. Dinasours weren't dead yet to help create fossil fuels. How could the earths average temperature by a little warmer then it is today? These facts are ignored by the tree hugging green first crowd. Yet all evidance in geological time would suggest that perhaps the earth does a cyclic effect on temperatures.

The sun goes through patterns of solar flares every year and in certain times we know that this solar flare activity not only effects communications but has an effect on summer temperatures as well. Again your radical intellectual enlightened thinkers do not look at these facts. They would much rather have you believe that the SUV you drive is makeing the earth warmer while the one they drive does not. (Note as I said the suv's they drive do not effect the global temperatures.) This brings me to the next assine thing they do. How often do you drive into Boulder Colorado and see earth green , or love earth bumper stickers on some 1960's volvo that is pukeing out massive amounts of emmisions. You know would never pass a smog test. While this peacenik is listening to Al( I am a complete moron)Frankin complain on how President Bushes refusal to sign a treaty that would do absolutely nothing to help control global warming, and only raid our already empty tax paying pockets. Is the leading cause of natural disasters.

Anyone out there recall how a subsurface oceanic earthquake causeing a massive tsunammi was blammed on global warming as well. HOGWASH!!! Just like these powerful hurricanes it is part of a cycle that the earth goes through and we as inhabitants on this planet have to ride out ( ride out the storm people).

Just like people grow old and die, a cycle of life. The earth does the same as it rotates in this cosmic enviorment around the little blob called Sol (the sun for your edification) Our rotation pattern wobbles just a bit and when this happens we get closer or a little further away. Wow this causes the earth to heat up or cool down.

Now I am not saying we need to ignore pollution. BUT COM'ON, lets get a grip on reality. When the earth enters its next ice age what will the enlightened intellectual thinkers blame this on. The cold hearted conservatives bringing down the earths temp by not careing enough?

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