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Thursday, September 29, 2005 

Congressional Softballs

What is the point of having a congressional investigation when the members of the investigation refuse to ask the questions that need to be asked. When the members of the panel have made up their minds as to the outcome of this investigation before hand and play political games.

With the 9/11 commision it was so obviouse a one sided political partisain play that major questions and follow ups on events leading to the tradjic day. Ignoreing certain lines of questioning that may shed light on previouse administrations dateing back to President Carter's inept leadership.

Now lets look at the shame of an investigation on former FEMA director Brown.
He was grilled as to the response of FEMA and what happened in New Orleans. However the fact FEMA arrived 72 hours later like IT IS SUPPOSED TOO!!!!! No questions aboutr Mississippi or Alabama were asked. As a matter of fact whats happening in these states? Are they getting the needed help? The monies, supplies? Hell yes they are. What is going on is political B.S. The so called Governor of Louisanna and the Mayor of New Orleans are hogging the cameras and making a circus out of relief help.

The facts clearly show how they were negligent in their ability to warn, evacuate and lead their constituants in an emergency. With this shame of an investigation not even asking a single question of Gov. Blanco on her ineptness during this emergency goes to show my point.

She was not asked why 24 hours later she stil hadn't ordered an evacutation. She was not asked why she never called Mayor Nagin and asked him his needs. No question on the states lack of vehicals usage. Why wasn't the school busses who we have seen all the pictures of put to use. Instead they let her go on about how they need money to rebuild. Job creation. Job creation, com'on look around there are plenty of jobs now in the demolition removal and rebuilding. What jobs need to be created? I see plenty of work for people who are willing to put a little sweat and tears into hard work. Oh wait thats right I said hard work.

I'll create some jobs, give them shovels, wheel barrels, hammers, brooms there is plenty of work. No need to create some burocracy of government loafers to oversee.

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