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Wednesday, September 07, 2005 

Something to think deeply about

As one looks at the caos and blame game being played out in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, one had best sit back and reflect then deeply think about what is happening and will happen to society here in the United States. Any person with half a wit knows that the Islamofacists are sitting there taking note on the actions of certain individuals and groups in Louisianna.

Wondering howe much more caos can be created by a simple act. If the frame of societal behaviior falls apart so easily under a natural disaster what would happen under the influence of a terrorist act? The leftist liberals want to excuse robbery and violance as a means of survival. The have nots finnaly getting something for nothing (the truth far from the reality here, as many have it better off sitting on government hand outs).

Should a terrorist act of a major proportion accure what will society do? Will we all break down into this new phenomonem of tribal orders as what is being dubbed the looters in New Orleans. Will groups arise to shoot others because they have television? Or will the fabric of what made this country better then the rest pull people together in a time of need to help their fellow man.

Great acts or mercy andf heroism are being played out on a minute by minute basis in this aftermath however we see cameras locked onto looters and the dregs of society. Base liars step forth with concocted stories of racism and unfounded cruelty with out evidance or truth behind the claims. The media and the left eat this up. So do the terrorist. As so called do gooders like Ophra make acusations unfounded and lie about what has happened to the general public on talking points spun in favor of her and like minded agendists. Do not the terrorists write this down and sceme on new plans of hurting this country?

With pamphlets circulating in Los Angelas calling for the bloods and crypts to unite with the Nuslim church and attack the authorities, (not supported by the muslim church buy the way as documented in the public statement released by masque #27 and their Leader with support from Louis Farrakahn).
Does this not make one wonder deeply how their own neighbor will react. Will they come to your aid? Will you go to their aid? Does one have to start stock pilling supplies or food water and ammunition now?

With known predators in our own society like drug pushers, molesters, common thieves act up as they have in New Orleans and try to pillage your neighborhood in the aftermath of a disaster or attack. Will your neighborhood defend itself first then aid others? Or will it aid only themselves.

Has America today become so diverse that it no longer pulls together in times of trouble to help and rebuild. Or because of this diversity it no longer understands one another?

Despite the rosey picture that the media is selling the public. People are pulling tiogether and aiding their fellow man. Millions of dollars have been raised, jobs found and familes reunited. Medical assistance given freely to those in need. Heroric rescues done, long thankless hours of cleanup beginning. No America is still the best country in the World, however we do have a few rotten apples that are trying real hard to spoil the barrel.

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