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Thursday, September 01, 2005 

Looting and Idiocy

How funny it is that every time there is a disaster the worst comes out in human nature. one can always comment on the good that comes out. The heroic actions of a few to save and aid others. Amazing rescues, superhuman feats of endurance or strength. Yet katrina shows how base idiocy can run a mock. Here we have politicians playing the blame game. Instead of pulling together they are pointing fingures and playing armchair quarterback on help issues.

Now lets take a look at this looting. Ok for food and water, possibly grabbing a few generators seems resonable to me. Basic needs to meet and be fullfilled. However when they (looters) take t.v.'s and stereo equipment. Grab clothes (dresses and tennis shoes) out of stores. Recliner chairs and jewelery. Com'on now since when is jewelery a basic right let alone a needed item for survival. This is idiocy exemplified at its best.

The shooting at rescue helocopters and supply trucks. The car jackings of relief vehicals is ASSINE. What we have going on is a group of people that do not have any RESPECT, or LOVE for their fellow man. No compassion or mercy for anyone who may be in need.

This PISS POOR excuse of the man has kept me down , or it is a government conspirocy to eliminate the Blackman is ABSURD. ( check out KOS blog on this ...lol ... really stupid and embarrising for anyone who has a halfwit for a brain).

With hospitol employees trapped inside a nurseing facility instead of saying hey can we work out something, room and food for help in shoreing up the facilities, we get armed idiots trying to take things. Whats interesting is that it isnt the food they are after but what may be in the pharmacy that the looters want. What kind of a moron shoots at a rescue helo preventing it from rescueing people?

Now when the National Guard moves in along with federal troops, the police get some back bone and shoot several of these scum of human society sending out a message that we do not act like paniced children and third world illiterates in times of national disasters. Will the ACLU step foward and try to sue the authorities for bringing order out of caos. Or are they going to stand up for the small store owner defending his livelyhood and family from looters?

More Idiocy comes from the wacko enviormentalist. The absurd and stupid statements of it is the governments fault for mythical global warming that Katrina accurd. Blamming a non signature on a penilizing treaty for being the leader in the world, punishing the United States when third worls nations do not meet any E.P.A. standards. This is utterly assine!

It only took 72 hours for other nations to offer aid to this disaster. WOW, it only took hours for the United States to offer aid after the tsunnami. The redirection of Battle Groups to go and offer humanitarian aid without strings. Why hasn't Mexico offered any aid. I would think now would be a good time since the immigration invasion is such a hot topic to offer some sort of aid. This aid would take a little heat off the invasion issue. Canada where are they, knowing how if it wasn't for the United States they would be in economic hurt lock.

Looting by thugs and punks and the scum of humanity is only hurting relief efforts. Just like the L.A. riots, this disaster is an excuse for morons to act out and do stupid things in the hope they will not get caught or punished. So far the authorities are only aidding these people, and encourageing this behavior. After the one police officer was shot in the head, ( fortunately he is recovering) a statement by authority has TO BE MADE! Shoot looters and leave them to float out to sea with the rest of the trash!

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