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Thursday, November 17, 2005 

Pit Bull Ban

It is amazing to me with all the sob stories coming out now about how bad the breed of pit bulls are. Where are all the animal rights activists, why are they not jumping up and saying leave these poor dawgies alone. The call of killing and banning these animals from exisistance is disturbing. The pit bull in reality poses no more threat to man then any other breed of dog. The German Shepard has the largest canine tooth of any breed, small breeds have worse temoperments, and more people are bitten per year by labs then any other breed. Do we call for the ban on these breeds? Nope. But the poor pit bull who is cursed with the bone crunching strength of 32,000 pounds of jaw crushing power is a threat. These poor animals have been given a bad rap by those morons and abusive breeders who raise them for illegal fights. The pit bull actually has a sweet demeaner and is a great pet. However with its powerful jaw it can cause a lot of harm . This is what is really at the bottom of the debate here in Denver on these dogs. The facvt that when a pitbull bites you it causes severe damage.

When we look at the bites of other breeds, the German Shepard for example. There is tremendouse damge caused by the 2 1/2 inch canine teeth that puncture deep into the victem why do you think this breed is the most popular with military and police units.) The blue tick hound/ bloodhound is relentless in its persuit of its quary. This dog will run its self to untill its heart explodes from exhertion. Is this bad. No it is a characteristic of the breed. Little pugs and rat terriers are snippers. They do snip at everthing but the damage is far less then larger breeds do to size. Does this make them any less dangerouse then the Pit Bull? No, in fact it is all relative. If you want to really look at it. Pit bull attacks are far less common and are more likely to happen do to the provocation of the dog then by other breeds who are more high strung and aggresive.

Personally if I could afford a pit bull I would have several along with several bull mastiffs. All of which would be in my yard not digging into the neighbors trash cans but keeping my home safe.

So should we ban the pitbull? No, what needs to be done is hold the owner ...(in Boulder the gaurdian) of the animal responsible should the animal be out and about. Now if the animal is provocted like in most cases then if the victem is bitten .... well thats is the victems fault for teaseing the dog or being in someone elses yard where they should not be.

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