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Sunday, November 13, 2005 

Not Muslims? Then Who?

Every time there is an attack by the Islamofacists certain moderate Imans will come out and denounce the act of terrorism, yet with the claim "these are not Muslims."
OK if they are not Musliom then who are they? Well now after the attacks in Amman the rhetoric coming out is that the bombings were commited by Isrealis or by their operatives. Interesting that only jewish and Jewish sympathisers are the ones who bomb.

The misinformation that is being propagated by Islamofacists throughout the world is a steady stream of lies and hatred. A total misrepresentation of the truth. "We condemn such actions against those of the Muslim faith" yet its not a barbariouse act if perpertrated on Christians and Jews.

The mislead propalestinian groups here in the west/America are so brainwashed by these rants and mistruths that it has literally poisoned the fabric of our society. The nonsecular rise of the ACLU and socilaists who want to deny the right to religiouse freedom by anyone who may not think politically correct. The removal of the Ten Comandments, denial of prayer in public, and the complete lack of tolerance in the use of the God by anyone yet the force study of Islam and other cultures is pressed upon us.

How dare you wear a cross and a symbol of Christianity. It is only right to be able to cover your face when entering a bank and hide your face from cameras on drivers licences. The total bias of do what you want as long as it is not Christian or Jewish. This is not bigotry or radicalism but tolerance?

No true Muslim will kill or murder premeditearily any other Muslim it must be the Christians acting as agents of the Zionist illegal state of Isreal in its evil plot to take over and control the world.


Radical terrorists of the Islamic faith are bombing and killing indiscrimently any and all who do not support their ideals. Thats the truth!!!!!

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