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Saturday, November 12, 2005 

France/ Learn something?

Many questions come to mind affter watching the biased reporting of the riots in France. The first is what is a second and thrid generation imigrant? If you are born in a country do you not then come from that country? Second and third generation is a media term /politically correct racist slang for a group or single person of a certain ethniticity. There is no such thing as a second and third generation imigrent.

The next major question is who is the press talking about when they say disheveled youths? Unemployed imigents? What the press fails to be honest about is that there are Islamic brain washed French, who are acting like a bunch of morons. Behind the scenes you have Imans, religiouse leaders egging on destructive behavior. If as around the world these so called peaceful leaders are so into peace they would have spoken out against this violance. Have they? NO!

What should we have learned from this nonsense in France and in Europe actually. Well lets look. For years the French government has thrown money at these people. Given them houseing and welfare checks. Basically said here we will take care of you and you do not have to do anything. Socialst thinking cutting the work week down to only 30 hours per week. A full paycheck, lots of vacation time and mandatory days off. Actually they have set up a nonworking society. How many Americans who work two jobs and put in 80 plus hours would love what the French get. The kowtowing to these radicals and throwing money at problems will not solve the situation.

What we should learn from this is to take a closer look at the La Raza and Atzlamn movements by ILLEGALS in this country who are undermining our society and stealing the welfare system by making perposterouse demands on American Citizens to support them. With weak willed politicians wanting to give give give money to these people in appeasment of their squeeky wheels. Unless we get some common sense back into the main stream of thinking in education, media reporting, and p[olitical thinking. We will have here in the United States civil unrest, dissent and a hell of a lot of terrorism. This is what we should learn from the riots in France.

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