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Saturday, December 17, 2005 

What did I tell you

Truman is rolling around in his grave screaming the buck stops here! Breaking from the Drudge report:


But now comes word James Risen's article is only one of many "explosive newsbreaking" stories that can be found -- in his upcoming book -- which he turned in 3 months ago!

The paper failed to reveal the urgent story was tied to a book release and sale.

"STATE OF WAR: The Secret History of the CIA and the Bush Administration" is to be published by FREE PRESS in the coming weeks, sources tell the DRUDGE REPORT.

Carisa Hays, VP, Director of Publicity FREE PRESS, confirms the book is being published.

The book editor of Bush critic Richard Clarke [AGAINST ALL ENEMIES] signed Risen to FREE PRESS.

Self centered defeted and spoiled leftists still can not believe they lost the Presidential election fair and square, despite investigations showing widespread cheating and fraud on behalf of the Democratic party. So like spoiled little brats they do all they can to undermine and disrupt the current administration by any and all means. The so called breaking news of spying on U.S. citizens is not only a year old but submitted for publication three months ago. Why was it not published then? Well simple, timeing. The New York Times held up the front page headline to coinside with the publication of yet another left leaning bias book that wants to distort and spin the war on terror against those who are trying to protect this country.

As the BBC reports this morning, leaving out the facts of the wire taps were placed on phone calls made to numbers outside this country and to locations not of a friendly nature to the United States. Following grandstanding in the senate by once again party liners who are of the leftist leanings and anti Bush no matter who it may hurt (MEANING IF IT HURTS THE AVERAGE AMERICAN CITIZEN WHILE MAKING PRESIDENT BUSH LOOK INTERNATIONALLY BAD THEN IT IS OK).

These headlines of spying are grossly overstated and misleading. It is all done with book sales in mind and a underlining smear attempt once again against the Bush administration.

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