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Thursday, December 29, 2005 

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Monday, May 09, 2005

What happens when the judicial system fails? What happens when criminals get away with blatent violent crimes? I will tell you because it is true Vigilantism. Groups like the Sombra Negra form and take the law into thier own hands. Is this good? Perhaps. Is it bad, well only if you are a criminal. The ever so better then thou leftists here in the United States would have you believe that the Minute Man Project is a radical racist group of gun toteing rednecks who want to use Latino's as target practice. So far from the truth is this that I have to bring to your attention the Black Shadow. Sombra Negra, a group of mythical and very real police and military types in the central Americas who have been forced to take the law into thier own hands.

Crime in central America reached such a point that the courts wear afraid to punish let alone bring to court criminals and then those who were brought ended up bribing thier way free. Coehersion, bribary and blackmail made justice almost impossible. Thus law enfocement and military members went underground and took the law into thier own hands. Yes comparisons may be made about this and Americas history of the old west to a point. Many may feel or argue that Judge Roy Bean was bad, I argue that he delt swift and fair justice from his bar stool. A personality we could definately use today. Anyway back to topic, the Sombra Negra has taken the law rather powerfully into thier hands. They have groups like the Mara Salvatrucha wetting thier beds. This is why these punks are now in the United States. It is because they operate under the radar as ILLEGAL aliens and know that are legal system is going to be soft on them as these poor soles have had a troubled life in a third world nation where they fear for thier lives BECAUSE THEY ARE CRIMINALS!
Yes you liberal bleeding heart morons they are criminals and running from punishment in thier own country. They are not seeking asylum here but easy targets so that they can continue thier punk ways. Common sense dictates that if you have the option of faceing justice or fleeing to a place where you can continue youre criminal ways you would take the fleeing. Why face justice when you can come to America and continue to threaten, rape and murder at will.
These punks know that we are tied down with a legal system that even if caught tried and found guilty the chance of serving any real sentance beyond a couple years is nonexisitent.
Send them home, deport them you say. Hell yeah I agree, if deported bacjk to thier country they will face the justice of SOMBRA NEGRA, which they so justly deserve.

Google MARA SALVATRUCHA, read about these punks and then tell me they have a right to be here. Learn how they target the police and officials just for fun. Then tell me they deserve a chance to start anew here. Read how they ambush and kill thier victems (a chicken pathetic way to murder someone from behind, only a coward does this). Learn how to be a man you have to kill some inocent (yeah what a real man this is to kill an inocent and do it in a cowards way).
You liberals think that vigilantes are here in the States, not yet. Mark my words though if we do not bring these degeneratres to justice and put them away behind bars and execute murders we will have vigilantism here. It will come in a big way then you will beg for the days of the Minute Man Project , and like groups.
I do not favor the Sombra Negra, however with the revolving doors of our legal system and the likes of bleeding heart activists who scream racism and injustice for criminals I cannot condem then Sombra Negra either.

SUBNOTE: Google the Sombra Negra, Mara Salvatrucha , along with the history of central America find the source of this and then google the Latin organizations that are infesting collage campuses. Read and learn , draw your own conclusions. I think you we see if we do not do something now about ill3egal immigration, Judge Roy Bean will be reborn in another back room of a bar and the Sombra Negra (Black Shadow) will be here to deal justice.

posted by CarpiJugulum at 9:23 PM

You have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. As with most of you fellow citizens, your ONLY source of information must be Google or CNN. Do you really think dumb redneck Minutemen stand a chance against Mara Salvatruchas? Not in a million years. You are dealing with something more complicated.

Anyway, if you do search Google, you will also find that, as usual, it is YOUR country's fault that the Mara's exist in the first place.

P.D. America is NOT YOUR country. America (without an S at the end) is a continent that goes fron the Artic to the Antartic, you ignorant hillbillie

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