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Thursday, December 29, 2005 

Canada, a joke

Recent Gang violance in Canada is out of control. The problem is America. WHAT?
According to many in the Canadian know are blamming violance by street thugs on America. It is Americas fault that Canadians are shooting each other. If only America would make more restrictive gun control laws in the United States then the problem in Canada would go away.

This has to be the most assine , absurd statement I have heard this year. Canada blamming the USA for its own gang violance. If America would make it harer and more restrictive to own and purchase hand guns then gangs in Canada would not be shooting each other and innocents on their streets. This is not Americas problem and not the do to the Second Admenment in the AMERICAN Constitution.

What Canada has is a lack of authority and punishment for those who break their law and conduct civil disobediance. Not the fact Americans have the right to own and purchase handguns.

Canadians are blamming an easy allowance of purchaseing of handguns in America as the reason why people are shooting each other there.My question is why is our fault and why blame America for this. The purchaseing of handguns has never been more restrictive in America then it is now. Background checks, waiting periods, and certain laws requiring proof of need to own in America is not the reason for gang violance. All this proves is that when you take the ability out of the average citizens hands in order to protect themselves criminals will still find a way to get ahold of a handgun.


In October 2005, as part of the campaign for the election expected to be called within 30 days of the release of Justice Gomery's report on the "sponsorship scandal" (a C$250 million project intended to promote national unity and opposed separatism in Quebec, much of which went to advertising agencies affiliated with the Liberal Party for little or no work), the ruling Liberal government pulled their favorite "blame the US for Canada's woes" rabbit out of their hat:

claiming, admittedly without any substantiation, that 50% of all guns used to commit crimes in Canada were smuggled from the US. The RCMP, Justice Canada, Statistics Canada, and the Toronto Police Service all say that they've heard that figure "bandied about", but that they themselves are not the source.
suing US gun manufacturers for the fact that some of their firearms are smuggled into Canada and used to commit crimes. Since President Bush has signed the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act into law, thus precluding such lawsuits in the US, it looks like they will have to sue in Canada, and thus can only sue gun manufacturers who have assets in Canada.
as an afterthrough, they now call for increasing the sentence for using a firearm in the commission of a crime from 1 year to a whole 2 years in spite of previous statements that longer sentences do nothing to reduce crime. Apparently Canadian criminals are immune to the deterrant effect of longer sentences in a way that US criminals are not.
On December 27, 2005, in the wake of a tragic youth gang shooting, Toronto mayor David Miller issued a statement claiming that "the lack of gun laws in the U.S. is allowing guns to flood across the border that are literally being used to kill people in the streets of Toronto" and once again made the unsubstantiated claim that 50% of all crime guns comes from the US. Amazingly, he then went on to claim that Toronto "is still very safe compared to most American cities."

The facts are that Toronto now has more muggings, car thefts, and assaults per capita than New York City; Canada's overall crime rate is 50% higher than the US; and 30 US states are safer than any Canadian province.

The Liberals are not the only political party in Canada that wants to interfere in US domestic gun law. On June 4, 2004, Jack Layton, the leader of Canada's far-Left New Democratic Party, made the following remarkable statement at a political gathering in Winnipeg:

"We're proposing going across the border to the US and actively engaging in lobbying to have gun-control laws in the US strengthened."
As a side note, both Al Gore and John Kerry have spoken highly of C-68. Gore went so far as to visit Canada during the 2000 campaign to study C-68 in order to propose and implement a similar system in the US. Thank your lucky stars that Bush won.

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