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Monday, October 30, 2006 

Crusade or not to Crusade

The islamofacists are claiming it is a holy jihad , a war of the crusaders vs the poor helpless peaceful muslims. However the truth be told (yet again) the violance is always started by the islamofacists. It is not the Christians nor the Jews who are continuely sending suicide bombers into markets, highjacking planes, or beheading people.

The question is should we committe and make this a true crusade and eliminate the extremists disguised as muslims or do we continue to allow the lies and nontruths be told. Having history rewriten, slanted, and simplely lied about in order to make a violent and oppressive religion look good.

Is it time to take politicians out of the war business and allow the militarty to do its job. Let the military go forth as it is designed to do and eliminate with extreme predjudice the enemies of our way of life? Take a lesson from Vlad Tepisch, and BlackJack Persian on how to handle the thugs who claim to be peaceful.

Is it time to truely crusade or kowtow?

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