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Monday, October 09, 2006 

Terrorism has Nukes

Well it is pretty much confirmed now by governments all over the world. North Korea has fired off a nuke that may or may not have been what they hoped for. The fact is that they were successful. With the recent launching of thier Taepo Dong - 2 missles with second and third stages the capabilities are scary as hell.

The range of the type 2 puts Los Angelas in range along with the American North west. With the stage three all but Antartica is within range. (Michelle Malkin has a nice map showing this: http://www.michellemalkin.com/)

Now the smaller picture of all this is the fact that N.Korea would never have had the knowledge to do this if it had not been for the Clinton administration in 1994 selling them the technology for guidance systems along with so called equipment to be used in peaceful nuclear energy. (Sound familiar .... what is Iran trying to do now?) Being the political year that it is and only 30 plus days till midterm elections the left is ratcheting up the spin that this development is all Bushes fault for not doiong anything.(WHAT ABOUT THE SIX PARTY TALKS FOLKS?) It is not Bushes fault but a lack of enforcement from the United limp Nations. The not enforceing sanctions and threat of intervention that is more responsible for North korea having nukes now.

How does this tie into terrorism you ask. Simple lets connect the dots.
One: who is funding North Korea? It certainly is not the USA. It happens to be Iran . Iran is purchaseing thier military materials from N.Korea. (recall when the missles were bing tested. It was Iranian scientist that were observers).
Two: Who is supplying the insurgents in Iraq with military equipment and finacial aid .... Iran.
Three: Who are the insurgents? Terrorists.

Does not the recent statements made by Al - Queda not talk about asking scientists to help produce and distribute dirty bombs along with chemical and biological weapons against the enemies of Islam? That means anyone who is not muslim.

Make no bones about it. North Korea is a sink hole of poverty and oppression. The rulers there have no qualms about who and what the sell. They, in reality are capitolists who are greed driven to their own self satisfing pleasures of monetary gain. To them money is all that matters as thier people starve and die. While they live high off the hog. Remember how Kim Il Jong was mad about his cavier in his gold trimed dinning car not being the expensive Russian brand, but a cheap knock off.

North Korea is a memebr of the Axis of Evil. The are the supply section to the madness that is now loose. As long as Terrorist have money, any military arm is for sale. The store is just located above the 38th parrall.


Who do you think DPRK will sell nuke technology to? Al-Queda!

They will probably give some nukes to Al-Queda and it will be in indirect attack on the U.S. Watch that video I posted in one of your other posts. DPRK is set on having a nuke show down with us.

AM Corona

The DPRK won't give anything to anyone . However they will be more then happy to sell it. Iran is the primary purchesor of these weapon systems. They intern would give terrorist weapons and support, as long as it was in support of their extreme view of things.
I do not think North Korea in reality wants a nuclear showdown. I do think that they will use a nuke to forward their adgenda. With the belief that we do not passes the cajones to retaliate back with a nuke. This I feel is so true. With people like Pelosi, Kennedy, Kerry, and Dean running around. They would be more apt to apologise for us being bombed then to act upon it.

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