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Saturday, December 02, 2006 

Al Jazeera English

Two weeks old and claims of millions of American viewership. Lead Anchor Dave Marash appears on Fox and Friends this moring and proclaims the fairness and true journalistic efforts of this network.

Marash, a lifelong broadcast newsman, became the Washington-based anchor of Al Jazeera English (AJE), the English-language spinoff of the Arabic TV news network.
AJE came calling shortly after Marash was let go by ABC News almost a year ago. Marash, 64, had spent a decade and a half as a globe-trotting reporter for "Nightline" and as a sometime substitute host for Ted Koppel (before that, Marash was an anchor at Washington's Channel 4). But Marash -- whom Koppel calls one of the few broadcasters "who can do anything" -- was swept out when Koppel left the program and "Nightline" was overhauled.

Marash says, is that al-Jazeera is little understood, and frequently misunderstood, in the West. What's more, he promises, Al Jazeera English won't be al-Jazeera.

"I have been deeply corrupted by 16 years at 'Nightline,' " Marash says. "It was professional heaven. I grew accustomed to having the reporting time to present a picture of what was there in reality."

Now, he says, "The goal here is to be able to give the best-reported, most transparent report of all the English-language news channels."

Yet telling the Fox crew that Al Jazeera has never been a mouth piece for terrorists and has never shown the beheadings of kidnapped victems on air. He proclaims that Al America will be a new voice to distribute the truth to the world on what is happening in world events. That Fox and other network news are not competitors or rivals, as they do not compete. Implying that Al Jazeera is a step above the rest.

Marash went on to throw in his rhetoric of how "Americans and the American military do not know war." That thier families and children are safe from it.

In answer to this absurd statment I say to David .... DUUUUUHHHHH on the average American not understanding the nature of war. It is because when politicians keep thier hands out of it the American military kicks ASSS PALLLY!!!!

In reality Al Zareera is breaking new ground in broadcasting in America by useing the internet as its provider to get out live broadcasts and their disinformation on a minute by minute basis. As any one who pays attention to what is happening in the industry you note that broadcasting on the internet either by audio or video is the newest trend and looks to be the wave of the future.

Having a much lower overhead with lack of equiopment and production people. The internet is cost effective and uncensored. You Tube is a striking example of this.

Michelle Malkin on Hot Air also provides a look at the new wave of broadcasting. Al Jazeera plans on spreading more of its Anti American and Anti Isreali propaganda uncensored and unedited, totaly biased and un checked into every p.c. with DSL or higher connection to the internet.

Al Jazeera English which can not find anycable network or satellite provider to allow them air time goes the other route. Saving money in order to brainwash those who have not been swayed by thier lies already.

Again only two weeks old in its broadcasting it is picking up what one could call rateings, however is this from fans, terrorists looking for embolding imformation, or just people interested in checking out this mouth piece for Islamofacists.

I suggest viewers in USA make their own mind AFTER watching a newscast on AJE and comparing it with how other news networks covered it.

Most programmes are packaged with meaningful, real life and pragmatic issues. For example, what Amanda Palmer and the crew have accomplished in Damascus in just 48 hours is amazing in terms of richness. There packed delicate yet diverse issues such as inter-faith harmony, women’s life, private entrepreneurs and youth culture in Damascus. It was miles ahead of what a viewer can find in a similar monthly program elsewhere (CNN’s Inside the Middle East).

The launch of AJE has raised the bar for global news television. Existing and future competitors may find it a tall order to offer so much richness in diversity and presentation.

Current Affairs observers in US may regret what they and their compatriots are missing out from the new initiative in global news.

A very well thought out and articultaed comment. Thankyou for it. I disagree with the bar being set above their competitors. I do not think that one series of indepth shows on a side of muslim youth makes the network. It is still off set by many many biased reports against not just America but the Christian world. (not that the christian world is above critisism). Untill the stop promoting the ludicrise idea of the U.S. Government being an inside job on 9/11 they will be a hack broadcast company and a mouth piece to islamofacist.

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