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Sunday, November 12, 2006 

Bounties Needed

With the increase of drug trafficers coming across the American southern boarder we need to think about reinstateing bounties. These drug runners and Mexican cartels are getting backing and support from the CORRUPT Mexican officials on the Mexican side of the boarder. This with the lax and nonwillingness of American liberals to enforce the laws, is giving these thugs a sense of impunity to justice.

We need to bring back good old fashioned bounties on the heads of these degenerates. Let the message be sent to them that if they want to break the laws of OUR COUNTRY, they will see justice. Justice distributed by the people and for the people. Now I am not saying that we need to string them up from gallows along the boarder as they cross. Rather if they are captured with their drugs , an aoutomatic sentanceing of life to hard labor is dished out to them. This hard labor could be in the sense of having them pick up all the trash their relatives dump along the coyote trails. Make them get out and work on erosion control from the damage they make as they sneak into this country ILEGALLY.

The bounty can be collected say a couple thousand dollars per head all paid for with the drug money that can be captured in the trucks that return to Mexico full of this cash.

A self sustaining program is easily abtainable and can thrive. All the while protecting American LEGAL Citizens from these punks and ILLEGAL ALIENS.

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