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Friday, January 05, 2007 

100 hours of Dispair

Well let th truth be told. The leftist are over the top in their spin on why so many Democrates were elected to office. However Cindy Sheehan is leading the charge on the spin. A major factor as to the change in leadership is not opposition to the direction this country was headed, but rather a lack of inititive and leadership in achieveing these goals. The Republican base sent a clear message that thier represenatives did not hold to thier electorial promises.

Now that Pelosi and the gang are in charge they plan to play partisian polotics. They claim the spin that the issues being rammed through congress in the next few days have been already debated is true. These issues have been debated and found lacking and not in the interest of the American People. But it does not matter to the left as long as they can impose thier will on this country and seek imagfined political payback. Payback that they brought onto themselves with thier own CULTURE OF CORRUPTION.

The next two years a re literally going to suck as we are going to see a major fiasco in the government. The lunitics are running the asylem. The fact that there are more indictments and convictions of abuse of the law and ethics violations by sitting members of the DEMOCRATIC party then the republican. Something the MSM seems to not want to report nor look into. Goes to show more on the true culture of corruption going on.

Nancy Pelosi clearly shows her lack of common sense with her appointments to certain postions this "new" government full of corruption. I wont get into who has done what because those who do not agree with my opinion refuse to see the truth anyways. (ex: bribe money in the fridge, abuse of staff, their own gifts from lobbyists)

Bottom line only time will reveil how this plays out. Plays out not in favor of the American Blue Collar worker.

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