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Monday, January 01, 2007 

Saddam is Dead

A little old and late with the news but hey did you hear. The executed the dictator and tyrannt Saddam Hussein. Death by hanging, a little gruesome in todays age but fitting for this man. Found guilty of murder of 148 people justice was served in this case. Unfortunately for thousands of others who suffered and died at his hands there is no justice as Saddam will never be tried for those crimes.

The execution of Saddam is being used as a ralling cry for insurgents and Islamofacists to stir up more trouble world wide in thier war on anyone who will not submit to thier oppresive and brutal dictatorship. Tribal, yes as archaic as it sounds tribal loyalties and hatreds are a big factor in the new surge of violance we will see in the comming months. Saddam was no angel but he did have some loyalty in tribal afiliations. Along with loyalties with Islamofacists in the Middle East. The terrorists will claim vengance and still commite sensless acts against those they would harm anyways.

A real good question is how will the MSM now help spin the propaganda war more in the favor of the Islamofacists and Saddams death.

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