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Wednesday, January 03, 2007 

Social Securitry Sell Out

Here is another example of our own government selling out the American. A bill awaiting to be signed by the President will allow illegals to collect full social security benefits without meeting the full qualifications for this.

Basicly American citizens have to work 40 calender quarters or ten years to be eligible for benefits. Now Illegals will only have to pay in a minimum of 18 months or 6 quarters.

How fair is this to those who are citizens and LEGAL workers in America? IT IS UNFAIR AND RACIALLY BIAS. This bill would also allow all monies paid into whatever plan the Mexican government has to be kept by the Mexican government and not transfer any to America and the newly enrolled Illegal on the take.

One has to remember that the vast majority of illegals working here are useing someone elses social security and identity. So explain to me how is this fair and how in the hell is it going to work?

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