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Wednesday, December 20, 2006 

Denver Blizzard 06

Amazing, here we were told ahead of time another major storm with the chance of good snow acumilation was coming. So what do people do. The loose all common sense. With Denver experiancing white out conditions, and a heavy snow fall people just get stupid.

For those who have lived in Colorado for more then five years know that the weather here changes fast and is very hard to predict with any acuracy. We know that come the tail end of September get snow tires and prep your car with winter gear. That the chances of snow will last untill the middle of May. That each and every storm contains the possibility of winter ferocity.

Todays storm comes in like a good winter storm should. Mellow for the first few minutes then all hell breaking loose. I of coarse am a native and remember back to my childhood. We once had a snow storm on the fourth of July. I believe it was either 75 or 74 when that happened, but it did happen. I recall the storm that ended Maor McNichols career. His lack of snow removal planning did him in. Not that Mayor Pena or Webb did any better.

Whats my point? Oh yeah was getting off track. People are out and about when they should stay home or have left work a little sooner. So they find themselves stuck in the snow not going anywhere. What do they do? These idiots abandon their vehicals in the middle of the road. They are not even trying to get to the side of the road. They just lock the door and start walking away. Thier car has now become a hazzard in itself. There in the middle of the road blocking all who follow and try to get home or to somewhere warm and out of the weather.

Now how are the road crews supposed to remove snow when they have cars parked in the middle of the road. It is just assine. Then you have those who refuse to follow behind the snow plow. They just have to pass them because they are to slow. Hey you morons!!!!! The best place to be while on the road is behind a snow plow. They are removing the snow and sanding the road for you. I learned as a kid that if you had to be out in the snow follow the plow. DO people do this today, hell no.

Now this storm is bringing in a nice amount of snow but it isnt the bad snow really. It isn't as wet as the storms we get in the early spring come March and into April. Now these storms are a mess because the snow is wet and heavy. They are the types that really bring down trees and powerlines.

I just wonder what the morning will bring as we find those idiots who abandoned thier cars didnt make it home. Who was smart enough to stay the night at work, and who paid attention to the weather warnings.

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