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Sunday, December 03, 2006 

Mexican Relations

Mexico and the growing population of ILEGAL ALIENS want to improve relations between the United States and thier cesspool of a country. What cesspool a little harsh of a term? Not really when you take into account the fact they act like a third world nation. Fighting in thier congressional halls. Supporting Drug Cartels, and the pursuit of ILEGAL boarder crossing in violation of international treaties.

What can Mexico do to improve diminishing relations? Well there are several things they can do.

1) Stop promoting false history of the Treaty Of Guadelupe Hildago. Teach the truth of the war and thier loss.

2) Promote the building of thier internal resources. Allow the development of natural resources. Develope their rich oil and naturla gas deposits. Improve the public educational system that stops at 6th grade. Take the millions in aid and tourist revenue, along with the under the table wages sent home each week by ILEGALS by taxing it. Then use it to improve living conditions.

3) Stop intrudeing across the American Boarder with military units!!! This is an act of war recongnised by all countries except for the United States apparently.

4) End corruption that is inherantly entrenched in thier government. Punish those who take the bribes and turn a blind eye to the criminal activity going on. Bring back justice to the mexican people who are bled dry by drug lords and kidnappers.

5) Help put an end to the drug cartels along the boarder poisoning both countries with thier meth and cocaine. If it takes the mexican military along with American Military then do it. Declare war on the cartels and KILL THEM LIKE TERRORISTS.


These few things would go along way in improveing relations between the two countries.

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