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Monday, December 11, 2006 

Solving the Jeruselum problem

Once again the islamofacists are calling for the liberation of the holy city. I thought the city of Jeruselum was free presently. I must be mistaken. Oh yeah the mythical oppressed mostly peaceful Palestinians are complaining still. Why? Because they are not running the show there.

Hamas minister ...Speaking to thousands of students at the University of Tehran on Friday, Haniyeh said: "The braggart of the world [the United States] and the Zionists ... want us to accept the theft of Palestinian lands, stop the jihad and the resistance and accept the agreements signed with the Zionist enemy. We will never recognize the Zionist government. We will continue the jihad until Jerusalem is liberated."

He also said that Iran provides the Palestinians with "strategic depth" in their fight against Israel.

See once again it is not about the city itself but their cold blooded hatred of Isreal that drives the Islamofacist. The extermination and erradication of the Jews is what these punks want. Not control of a city that is historiclly the center of Religion.

Well I have solved the question of peace in Jeruselum. It is simple, a little extreme but simplistic. When dealing with children who misbehave you take away the item they are fighting over. What to radical and you can not do this to children. Oh ok, well then we leave it there but set it up that if they do not behave Jeruselum will dissappear.

In the center of Jeruselum you set up and fix permanetly in place a huge nuclear bomb. You do not hide it or disquise it at all. You put it on display for everyone to look at. Then make it tamper proof with motion sensors and other devices that prevent anyone from ever moving it or screwing around with it. Actually you make it that should someone tamper with it it goes BOOOOOOM!

This is peace through force. Locically it appeals to the islamofacist mind as they only understand force. So now you have the bomb openly in sight. The bomb will go off if violance persists or if someone tries to move.

There you go peace in Jeruselum.

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