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Friday, February 09, 2007 

Guardians Council

For 27 years we here in the United States have had to listen to the pratteling and rants of a bunch of camel jockies. A so called religious ordewr who claim to hold the best interests of the human race at heart.

However the rhetorisc and whinning by these ISLAMOFACISTS is getting louder and louder. More and more evidance is coming forth on a daily basis as to the underhanded and dirty tricks being played by the Iranian facists. Subversion, coehersion, and brainwashing of shiite and sunnis into conflict against their own religion and country. All in the name of Islam.

Now these towel wearing crietens are making bolder and more direct threats to America and the west. Or shall I say any who do not kowtow to Islam and believe in Judiasm, Christianity, and any other more peaceful and TOLERANT religion.

This Guardian Council is part of the higher echelon that supports, trains, and backs in every way Osamma and other leading terrorist thugs.

Thier latest threat is more interesting and alarming then the rest of thier chatter. As they get closer and closer to developing a nuclear weapon of thier own, and more then likely haveing purchased/stolen several from the former Soviet Union. Here they are hinting that America itself is within thier grubby little dirty unwashed hands.

The Guardians as theyn like to think and call themselves needs to be considered a terrorist organization and treated as such. Once Again I call upon the U.S. Government to let the military take the gloves off and deal with these punks as they should be delt with. On their level, with complete and total prejudice. No mery or quarter given to these sandbandits as they are unwilling to play by any civil rules or conduct from their part. Therefore they are not entitled to any.


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