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Wednesday, February 21, 2007 

Too much Time, TOOOO much MONEY

A break from ILEGALS, and politics lets look at peopole with too much time on thier hands and definately way to much money, oh yeah and common sense.

You have no children, but are looking to have something fill the void in your life. Most people go and get a pet. This is good. I love animals. I have one dog and one cat now. Growing up I had several of each. I loved the little beasts. My husky is my pal. He even loves to watch John Wayne movies (definately a plus in an animal).

However to go out and spend this type of money on an animal who drinks from the toilet when you are not looking, is just a little much.

A jogging stroller for your little human can set you back $200 or even more. Ditto for Fluffy's stroller.

You'll want to tote your little darling around in a front-pack carrier, of course. For Baby, it'll cost around $70. Fluffy's: around $25.

Baby's got to eat. Sippy cups and melamine baby dishes go for under $20. An ergonomically correct dog dish runs you $150.

Fifty dollars -- yikes! -- will buy you a designer baby sweater. But, hold on: Fluffy needs a sweater, too -- and it can set you back $50 to $125. Add in the dog sunglasses, sunscreen, low-carb pet food, mink dog collars and leather bomber jackets.

Hold on but what about his physical being? Well lets have him enrolled in "do-ga" (dog yoga).

Dog weddings start at $250 at The Yankee Dog Retreat, whose owner Jennifer Cermak is the author of "The Home Spa Book for Dogs: Nose to Tail Treatments to Soothe the Soul and Age-Proof Your Canine Companion."

Having your dog do yoga, getting married, even Psychologists for your pet. This is just tooooo much.

If your dog needs excersise, go run with him in the park. If he is cold, let them in from outside. Remember he is an animal and you are a human. A human is supposed to be smarter then the animal but I am beginning to have my doubts.

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