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Wednesday, February 14, 2007 

Presidential Ticket???

A very interesting crew of wannabe Presidential candidates this year. Wow, this year. Are they starting a little early or what. It is obviouse that this country has really swung to the left as you look at the socalled moderates in the race.

Moderates in reality but called conservatives by the MSM.

A very interseting combination comes to the front and needs to be looked at by the GOP. What would a Presidential ticket of Rommeny and Guilliani be like.

Mitt has proven he is a fiscal conservative as he turned a failling economy of Massaschutets around and made it profietable. He is pro American which is always preferable to the antiAmerican democratic congress and senate we now have.

Rudy has proven his leadership and managment skills above and beyond any who are declareing thier intent. The job he did with 911 was exactly what a leader needed to do ..... YOU LISTENING NEW ORLEANS. Rudy although liberal on social and domestic issues, is conservative on foriegn polocy.

This is what Ronald Reagon did for this country. Made you feel good to be an American. A sense of self pride, national pride. I think that the ticket of Romney and Guiliani can do the same.

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