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Monday, February 12, 2007 

Minumum Wage = Unemployment

Well the figures are coming out now and we are findsing that not only are Americans being shut out of at work by ILEGALS but are now being laid off do to this increase in minum wages.

Economics 101 shows that capitolism is the best for an open economy, however the socialists we have in congress, and do not fool yourself there are very few fiscal conservatives in congress. Are trying to dictate how private buisnesses should and will operate.

We can go back thirty years to the Carter failed administration and his socialist adgenda. It was bad for America. Double digit unemployment, high interest rates, gas lines. People being laid off and crime rates on the rise. A direct parrell can be drawn from then to now and what is going on. President Ronald Reagon fortunately was elected and proved that by lowering taxes and deregulating buisness was good for the economy. We saw unemployment drop. More money put into the pockets of the tax payer. Small buisnesses grew and offorded more oppertunities for teenagers to enter the work force.

Now it is a repete of bad history. This socalled living wage (minum wage) is being perverted by the left and starting to slow the economy, while making more and more dependant on government handouts.

Read this artical at the following web address:

New wage boost puts squeeze on teenage workers across Arizona


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