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Sunday, January 13, 2008 

It has only begun

The new year is only a couple of weeks old. This is 2008 an election year, yet the MSM is already calling it over for sevral candidates. Among them Fred Thompson.

Why are they clling for him to drop out? Its because of his message. The only candidate that does not seem to have special interest backers or a huge war chest. One that speaks more common sense then the others and is smarter then the others.

Fred did not spend 2007 stomping the nation drummiong up delegates. This is the reason the MSM and many socalled right /conservative pundits are against him. After a year of hub hub and blah blah, The real election campaigning begins and Fred came out swinging.

Going after Gov. Hucklebee, and exposeing many liberal progressive policies. Thompson is about to stir up the true conservatives. As the right wing extremists (called fox by the liberals) support Mitt, and Huck, along with McCain (Beltway Boys, Britt, Hannitey, and Hugh Hewitt). They all say its to late for Fred and he is fadeing fast. How can one fade when the race has only begun?

There are many more delegates to be one and I think Fred will get a good portion of these as he now begins to campaign. Will it be enough to stop the socialist in disguise, (the other republican nominees)? I am not sure but am hopeful.

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