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Monday, September 29, 2008 

Party Politics with our Economic Future

Get on the phone, e-mail, run out the front door and scream at Washington D.C. now!!!!!

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senator Harry Reid have the votes to pass this bailout plan but are not. They desperately want to jam this through and get certain little payoffs in place for their leftist agenda. However they are refusing to call for a vote. Why it is politics. They want to blame Republicans for the future mess this bill will create.

By waiting and twisting as many arms as possible. Pelosi and friends are trying to drag down fiscal conservatives with this socialist bailout.

The election is 36 days away and many seats are up for grabs now in this election besides the Presidency. I would like to say that responsible Representatives are against this bill but they are not. They are against it for fear of loosing their jobs. SO we have to keep that threat alive and well. Put the pressure on them and let them know that this bailout is BAD NEWS and will not solve the problem but only put a band aid on a bleeding artery.

Lets force the liberals who are doing the best they can to sink this nation, make them stand up for their beliefs and hold them to it. They want this, we don't. They think it will help, we know it won't. Do not let them fudge and cloud the issues here by giving them an out.

If and when this bailout goes south hold those who supported it to the fire. Make them accept the responsibility of poor management.

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