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Thursday, February 12, 2009 

So much for compromise

Well it is out and the liberals are in agreement. The appropriations/porkulus bill is ready for the House and Senate to vote on. Will all the Republicans stand firm for fiscal responsibility or will the cave again to the monster of pokula that seems to be alive and growing in Washington?

The work done by the three sell out "moderate" Republicans looks to be scraped by Pelosi and Reid in favor of replacing all that was removed from the Senate version. An increase in spending but a decrease in tax relief is what is on the table now.

So once again we are looking at liberal welfare programs being shoved down our throats to stimulate the government while the private sector gets the shaft. Lets remember where the money is going o this no earmark or special interest bill.

$30 million to begin with for Nancy Pelosi's save the mouse campaign.
$600 million for new buildings for the State department
$23 million for habitat restoration
$75 million for national Parks
$200 million for the renovation of the USDA South Building.

That's just without even looking into this waste of paper.

While the liberals must be rejoicing now. Like little children who have gotten their way over their parents. How long before they stand up and complain on how their own pockets are being robbed. Oh they won't because they are on the dole.

Apparently all that the sell out Republican lead by Specter is for not as the spending has been increased , tax cuts and credits reduced. All that they supposedly worked on has been removed form the final write up.

Again bipartisanship at work.

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