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Sunday, February 08, 2009 

Senate proposes 778 pages of waste

Well it is out and not any better then the Houses version of waste. With much more money set aside not to be spent in the economy till later years.

I just got my hands on a pdf file and am in the process or reading it. Not much time to do so as it is 778 pages long and full of double talk, back speak, and political hogwash (hogwash is for the pork in this bill).

The Senate is supposed to vote on this tomorrow. Of coarse they have had a few more hours to go over it. Still this is not reasonable to think that even they , in their omnipotent wisdom can digest this so fast. So why the rush to pass this one as well as the rush to pass the Houses wasted version? Obama must cram this down the American throat before he looses any support for his failing administration.

Failing you say? Why he is just starting week three of his four year term. How can it be failing already? Good questions , easy answers. The reality and truth behind it is that the liberal agenda , with each day that these pork ridden bills are delayed. The American people are becoming aware of and denying. The fact he has vetted and supported cheats, lies, and former failed cabinet makers is obvious. The lack of respect is growing in the world for this man as V.P. Bidden opens his mouth and capitulates to the Islamic fascists representatives in Munich. This is how President "transparency" Obama is failing.

Now back to this travesty of legislation called stimulus.

For an additional amount for ‘‘Watershed and Flood
Prevention Operations’’, $275,000,000, to remain available until September 30, 2010.

For an additional amount for the ‘‘Watershed Rehabilitation Program’’, $65,000,000, to remain available until September 30, 2010.

(note the key words remain available. government speak for do not spend)
More programs that do nothing for the economy of create jobs fast. Government bureaucracy that will waste the money before spending it. Watershed projects are already over budgeted and not being worked on. So why do we add money to this when they do nothing to begin with.

Child nutrition act? This is not a stimulus, again has merit but does not to be in this bill. Another $100,000,000.00 that can be left out of this bill.


We have an outline for crop insurance. This is a hedge against what? Natural disaster, lack of international purchases, just what is not said. It does outline how and when not to pay it back and for what reasons. In short we are already paying farmers not to grow now we will give them more money when the crops they are not supposed to grow fail.

Some double speak about fiscal years 2011 and 2012, again not the here and now. All this is within the first 27 pages. No plan for stimulus or job creation as of yet. Hope holds on as there are 751 more pages to read.

(page 30, lack of proof to get monetary assistance)
do not qualify for a written agreement because 1 or more farming practices, which the Secretary has determined are good farming practices

Basically what it says is that certain state secretaries have the authority to hand out money without any written proof that assistance is warranted by said farmers. A way to skirt the process and hand out tax payer money without justification.

They want to pass this without debate and any real transparency to the American tax payer. The one who has to pay the bill on this. Contact your Senators now and tell them to debate not just vote. This has to be looked at closely and the removal of amendments and articles that do not stimulate or create jobs.

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