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Monday, February 09, 2009 

Harry Reid, a thought

For those of us who are old enough to remember the small town life . Growing up there was wonderful. Small towns had characters. There was the female crowd that was always at the hair salon gossiping. The younger men hung out at the feed store or the hardware store. Then there was the biweekly trip to the Barber shop.

The Barber shop was the center for the men and the news. Lively debates on the local softball team and the junior baseball league. Politics and life in general. The older men would sit in side and drink coffee with the radio playing softly in the background. There was no buzz buzz of the electric clipper but the snip snip of scissors.The characters there were time tested and true. All had their role to play.

I was over on Michelle Malkins web page checking out what she has exposed today when I saw a picture. This picture she has used many times before and will again. It is a picture of Harry Reid. His grumpy face made my mind flash back to a simpler time. The small town and the Barber shop. There was always the self inflated , more important then anyone else snob who would come in and demand to get his hair cut in front of every one else. He would jump the line , be demanding and complain the whole time. He would not limit it to the man cutting his hair, or to those he insulted with his every word. He would justify his lack of self fulfillment on any and everything else.

Well Michelle Malkins picture of Harry Reid is that man. I can see old Harry busting in, jumping in the one seat that is open in the three chair shop. The reason it is open is that there are only two barbers and the third seat is broken. Having never been fixed out of respect for the one man who sat there. A huge jolly man. A Tip O'Neil type.

But old Harry he thinks he is better and deserving of such earned respect. Then he snaps his fingers and begins his demanding , obnoxious ways. That is what I see in the picture of Harry Reid.

Very few will remember him after he is gone. At the moment he is tolerated because he does pay his bills on time, at least we think he does. He has raised the flag for the Veterans day Memorial. SO most folk will tolerate his better then thou attitude. Conversation slides and is much quieter while he is in. No one really listens to him, the men turn to their papers or several get up and walk across the street to the dinner for a cup of coffee.

All know that one day he will be gone and not missed. Yet the respect for the man who sat in the chair before him will remain. The talk of how the man before was wise and caring, yet had a streak of common sense in him. They won't talk about Harry unless it is to make a joke about the man who thought he was important. A few will go out of their way to point out his failings. Many of which will take hours to explain through the laughter.

No, Harry Reid is definitely not a remember able man other then the fact he bullies and spins things. Twists them into favoring his opinion, no matter how wrong he is. Once he is gone the men at the barber shop will say: "yep ol Harry would say it is going to rain today, and the sky is grey, but if you looked outside you needed shades and the sky was a perfect blue."

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