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Saturday, February 07, 2009 

Where is Obama and FEMA

Where is our messiah and his handling of FEMA in the current problems being found in Kentucky? For that where in the world is the media covering this disaster? They are no where to be found.

An exception to this is Michelle Malkin, who always seems to have her heart there for those in need. Other then her I have seen no coverage other then a minor 10 second blip on the news saying that Kentucky is still without power.

Yes Kentuckians are getting their act together but it is without federal assistance. FEMA still has to respond in any true measure. All the while we hear about the people in New Orleans , who by the way have received billions them selves in the form of aid and monetary payoffs for their lack of action in a crisis.

The contrast of the two disasters is tremendous. While in New Orleans the Governor and the Mayor were absent from relief aid and actual hands on aid. Their abandonment of their constituents and neighbors was remarkable . All the while the MSM attacked President Bush for not being there before the Hurricane to prevent it. Now that we have the anointed one in office. It would appear that disasters take a back seat to pork, taxpayer paid for retreats, and Kobi steak dinners.

In Kentucky the Governor and local authorities are there helping out. Doing their jobs, either administering, delegating, or giving hands on aid. They are not holding press conferences condemning President Obama. ( It was Bush during Katrina that they attacked for their own lack of action)

Eleven days without water and power is most of western Kentucky. This is the midst of freezing and sub freezing temperatures. Peoples lives are more at steak here then several years after the fact of poor leadership and responsibility of Hurricane Katrina. So what is President "Messiah" Obama doing?

President Obama is sending the Vice President to Munich. Where he is supposed to instill trust and favor in our allies. While he s doing that he is stabbing the western world in the back with a diplomatic knife shaped as a crescent moon. The knife of coarse provided by Obama and his pro Muslim stance. Something that was untouchable during the campaign but now he freely talks about to foreign interviewers as a proud part of his heritage. The fact he once was a Muslim.

Obama would rather stand in front of the cameras, spinning his concept of bipartisanship.
Giving speeches full of fear about how if this porkapoluza is not passed this country is doomed.
That the more we spend the better off we will be. Neglecting the fact you can not spend what you do not have. Something that democrats do not understand. As their pockets always are full, full of tax payer dollars.

So what are the people in Kentucky doing? Clinging to their religion and their guns. Going out and helping their redneck neighbors. As many wait for power to be restored, they are not idly sitting by. The true American way is in full effect here, despite the lack of government interference or aid. Checking in on, giving shelter to, and doing the right thing is in abundance in Kentucky.

Obama has demonstrated greatly his lack of respect and understanding of the office of President. A fact that Liberals try but cannot deny is this. Although some things may have been handled a little better. President Bush, or someone in his administration was always there for the people in their times of trouble. Be it a tornado or a Hurricane they were there.

Kentucky has taken the ball from Mississippi when it comes to a disaster. They are not waiting for government to solve their problems. They are attending to business now. Looking to themselves, pulling up their own boot straps and getting it done.

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